Yasa Poletaeva, violin; Darren Matias, piano

Yasa Poletaeva, violinDarren Matias, piano


May 2017

CD and online release of Emerson Eads' first album Mass for the Oppressed, featuring internationally acclaimed soloists, Tess Altiveros, Toby Newman, Barry Banks, David Miller and Jaunelle Celaire, produced by GRAMMY-award winning Five Four Productions. 



May 2016

Elegy by Emerson Eads won Best Instrumental Song by the Akademia Music Rewards as performed by Contrast Duo

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'Elegy' is adroitly titled; its savvy fusion of keys and solo strings yields something which feels half in this world and half in the divine afterlife.'

-Akademia Music Awards


July 30, 2016

Emerson Eads' Mass for the Oppressed was just premiered in Fairbanks, Alaska by Houston Symphony Assistant conductor, Robert Franz at the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival. Read more here.