Herbert Howells / by Emerson Eads

Looking back over my first semester here at Notre Dame, I have to say the musical highlight for me was singing for my colleague, J J Wright's concert of Herbert Howells' music. I felt like I had just emerged from under a rock, never having been exposed to this master. I was absolutely amazed at the power of the music. It has the grandeur and British pomp that one expects from Parry or Stanford, but with the prickly harmonies of Britten. 

The piece that really stayed in my body, and continues to go through my head is the Requiem. There's a sincerity and childlike quality to the challenging music that made me well up with tears frequently during the concert. 

I'm so grateful for J J picking this challenging repertoire. As always, there's so much to learn, and never enough time to embrace it all!